The Top Treatments for Rosacea

The Top Treatments for Rosacea

While Rosacea and Diffused Redness cannot be completely cured, we can offer many treatments and skincare options which, along with trigger avoidance, that can help manage and reduce the symptoms including the reduction of pustules, lumps, broken capillary removal, and reducing the appearance of redness.

Here are some of the top advanced treatments to perform on a Rosacea skin client:

AHA peels

Low-level AHA peels are extremely gentle and work to exfoliate the superficial layers of the skin, aid in hydration, and remove dull or lifeless skin. AHA acids such as Lactic or Glycolic acid can often have an anti-inflammatory effect and have little or no peeling involved post peel. For rosacea skin, AHA peels can have widely different results, as it is dependent on the skin’s thickness, dryness or dehydration levels, and the level of sensitivity in the skin. AHA peels, if performed appropriately, can help to strengthen the skin, thicken the epidermis, help reduce redness, reduce pustules and comedones and also help to refine skin texture.

Vascular IPL or Laser Treatments

Using an IPL or Laser device designed for Vascular Removal (530-560nm), we are able to instantly pulse away unwanted vascular lesions. These wavelengths can specifically target hemoglobin (blood) in the skin - in both broken capillaries and diffused or generalised redness. The light is absorbed as heat, which gently seals off the vessels resulting in their removal and a clearer complexion. Vascular treatment can reduce redness, the symptoms of certain forms of rosacea, and of course treat dilated or broken capillaries. Treatment may need to be performed as regularly as every 3-6 months as maintenance due to the reoccurrence of broken vessels.

Skin Needling

Skin needling's ability to rebuild and repair the skin, all without the induction of heat or need for active products, makes this the perfect treatment for Rosacea skin. Breaking down damaged collagen, elastin, broken capillaries along with increasing fibroblast production sees Skin Needling target redness, thinning skin, enlarged pores, and improving barrier impairment. The epidermis and dermis are rebuilt, thickened, and sensitivity is improved with the stimulation of growth factors. The use of hyaluronic will also aid in hydration, assist with barrier repair and help lessen skin sensitization.

LED Light Treatment

LED is a non-invasive, non-thermal light therapy, which uses 1800 narrow banded LED lights to flood the skin with specific wavelengths of light. Light receptors within your skin absorb the light which activates mitochondria (ATP energy cell) and stimulates cell signaling within the body. Depending on the light or wavelength used, different skin conditions and concerns are able to be targeted. For those with Rosacea skin, the use of Yellow (590nm), Green (520nm), and Red (633nm) LED Light is recommended as is extremely anti-inflammatory, increases blood flow, and aids in detoxification and collagen production. It is an extremely effective treatment for rosacea as this wavelength penetrates 2mm – 3mm into the dermis, however does not cause any trauma or heat to the skin and has no downtime post-treatment. For best results, a course of 9 treatments, every 48 hours, 3 times a week is required.

Rosacea can be quite a difficult skin condition to navigate, so understanding its causality, symptoms and triggers, along with consultation methods can provide a huge advantage in identifying the condition and the appropriate treatment method.

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