Five Tips on How to Keep Your Immune System Strong and Healthy

Five Tips on How to Keep Your Immune System Strong and Healthy

Our health is under threat every day from exposure we have to bacteria and viruses. Our amazing immune system works hard to protect us against these invaders, by being able to recognize the difference between the body’s own cells and the cells that cause illness. We have an innate immune system that defends against non-specific pathogens and an adaptive immune system that fights specific pathogens.

The wonderful world of science and technology have developed methods to help us recover from illness BUT – WE can also give enormous help to our immune system.

See below for some positive actions that we can take to help our Immune System.

  1. Sleep/rest – is so important! Immune cells in our body become highly active during this time and there is communication with the nervous system. Cells form immunological memories help fight infection.
  2. Exercise – Physical activity decreases inflammation, reduces immune-senescence and reduces ageing. Exercise also increases circulation throughout the entire body. The lymphatic system loves movement and responds accordingly.
  3. Eat healthy – A well balanced diet is very important for maintaining a healthy immune system. We need protein, carbohydrates, minerals and good healthy fats. Extreme diets age the body.
  4. Gut health – having a healthy gut is the key to healthy skin and a healthy immune system. If you have constipation or diarrhea or both then you need to work on your gut health. Poor gut health is linked to poor nutrition.
  5. Stress – when we are highly stressed our body’s immune system becomes compromised and can shut down. It is important to control the amount of stress we are under.

The relationship between regular sleep, exercise, gut health, stress and nutrition is well known in maintaining a healthy immune system.

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Love your Immune System!

Yours in skin,
Gay Wardle

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