Five Things You Need to Know About the Immune System

Five Things You Need to Know About the Immune System

The COVID-19 virus is in every corner. Our country is currently faced with high levels of uncertainty and stress. Forget the virus - these stress levels are affecting our immune system.

Here are five things that you need to know about how stress affects your immune system:

  1. T cells originate from the bone marrow and they mature in the Thymus gland.
  2. In our youth the Thymus gland is extremely active and large. As we age this changes.
  3. With age the thymus shrinks! As the thymus shrinks, T cell maturation declines. The older we get the smaller the thymus becomes.
  4. T cells are responsible for the special defence in the tissue, which is carried out by cells. They recognise infected cells and are responsible for their destruction and elimination from the body.
  5. STRESS affects the thymus gland and causes it to shrink. This will happen at any age BUT if you are older, than the thymus will shrink to almost nothing.

Our immune system may be highly compromised by the stressful times which we are living in.

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Yours in skin,

Gay Wardle

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